Kennisoverdracht: Chatbots in de zorg

Geplaatst op January 08, 2019


Onze digitaal psychologe vertelt over Conversational Interfaces en de toepassing in de zorg.

Nerds & Company invites you to our meeting about the application of Conversational Interfaces in healthcare.

Nowadays consumers want fast and easy access to information, they want a self-service option and they want their interactions to be personal. The healthcare industry is no exception as patients have similar expectations of their healthcare providers as they do with other consumer sectors. This is where conversational interfaces come in handy.
Conversational interfaces - are platforms that mimic a natural human-like conversation. They are either based on text (chatbots) or voice input (voice assistants such as Google Home, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, etc).

During the talk we will discuss how conversational interfaces can be applied to healthcare. In addition to that we will introduce our Bot Sprint methodology that we created to help organisations see if a conversational interface is a viable solution for their organisation in only 5 days. We will also demonstrate two use cases: a conversational interface which was used for triage assessment and virtual consulting and a voice assistant for elderly to make emergency calls.

Along with that we will cover the following topics:
-What are conversational interfaces and how are they relevant to healthcare?
-What are the current successful use-cases of conversational interfaces in healthcare?
-How are conversational interfaces compliant with healthcare-relevant standards and regulations?
-You want to start with conversational interfaces - where should you begin?

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Nerds & Company
23 januari 2019
16:00 uur

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